A tactical and interactive alternative to Yahtzee !


Yamik is a new and attractive alternative to Yahtzee.


Unlike this popular game, Yamik allows interaction with the game and the opposing score.


This interaction offers new tactical possibilities and a more varied game.


For this, a pot is put in play at each turn. The player first validates a line of his score card corresponding to a combination (like Yahtzee), then among the 5 dice obtained for this combination, he notes the addition of the 2 dice with the highest values. Thus, at the end of each turn, the player with the highest addition wins the pot ! You will have to reconcile combination and addition, at the most favorable moments, so you won't let your opponents win too many pots and distance yourself !


Luck will not always be enough : you will also have to be smart and opportunistic to win !



Game Rules

For 1 to 4 players...
and with 5 dices, it's better !
SkalPott Yamik - Game rules.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 631.4 KB

Score cards

Fold in 4 to obtain 8 individual
score cards !
SkalPott Yamik - Score cards.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 248.9 KB